Dirty Books

Close-up photo of a ball of hair on carpet.

Straight from the pages of the Dirty Books on the My Dirty Secret! bookshelves…


Of all the household chores, the one I find hardest is vacuuming. It’s awkward and requires strength and mobility to both operate and manoeuvre around the house. The frustration I feel cuts deep. Perhaps it’s because it causes me physical pain to do it, perhaps it’s because I depend on others to do it for me. Loss of independence becomes very visible when you can literally see the consequences of it building up around you. As the dirt, the fluff, the discarded rice-krispies and the dead moths pile up (or get stuck to the bottom of my socks) there is no doubt that I am losing control over my own environment.

Visit the Dirty Books and browse through My Dirty Secret! to discover the honest and familiar stories of one exasperated artist battling to keep control over her environment.


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