A World Beneath My Feet

I often use a wheelchair, and when walking I need to pay attention to every step I make so I don’t come a cropper. As a consequence I spend a great deal of time looking down. I notice all the uneven ground, the different surfaces, the chewing gum and fag butts. I notice if your dog left a poop (even if you didn’t!). I navigate the tactile paving and sea-tossed shingle, the fallen leaves and lake-sized puddles. Whilst many people barely notice the pavement they walk along and barely pay it any mind, I see a whole world beneath my feet.

This work is a study of pavements around Seaford and Lewes. The images are digital photographs that have been manipulated to highlight different aspects of the pavements in different places. What may have gone unnoticed to the naked eye is brought out through use of bright, contrasting colours. By highlighting a scattering of loose gravel, or a series of cracks the different component parts of the image can be seen in a new light. What was once walked over and passed by, becomes an interesting landscape.

Letting In The Light, an exhibition in Stratford in 2017 and held by Daily Life, featured one of my A World Beneath Your Feet images, ‘Promenade at Martello’.