A domestic scene with armchair, side table and lamp placed on a rug. The wallpaper, rug and armchair are all highly patterned in bright colours. The logo of ITV is formed where three different fabrics meet across the back of the chair.
ITV Ident commission
Turmeric-stained froth around a kitchen sink plughole.
My Dirty Secret! commissioned by Unlimited funded by Spirit of 2012
paper cut out boy sits on a real basket filled with real and paper apples.
History on Your Doorstep commissioned by The Keep, East Sussex

Postcard showing a lego policeman riding a motorbike across carpet. His face is turned to wink at the camera. Text emitted from the exhaust as if it were fumes, reads 'Directed by Kristina Veasey'. Cleaner Required! is typed in text across the bottom of the postcard.
Cleaner Required! commissioned by Full Circle Arts
Photo of a young man holding his arm horizontally. A painted image of a hockey player is level with his arm on the wall behind him. The rest of the image has been projected across his face and shirt.
Driving Inspiration commissions
Frame from the video Christmas Time Again! showing a man dressed in a holey santa suit and wacky Christmas glasses, singing into a toy microphone in a forest.
Christmas Time Again!