A young lad smiles at the camera. A painting of a circular Union Jack flag has been projected over his torso and face.

Driving Inspiration is a project that pairs up artists and Paralympians to inspire young people about the values of the Paralympics: determination, inspiration, courage, and equality. In 2013 I visited a school in Bucks and gave a presentation as a Paralympic athlete. A year later I visited an inclusion unit in Kent as an artist and joined Ian Rose, a visually impaired judo world champion, to run art workshops with the students using a digital projector and collages based on Paralympic sports.

I used a digital projector to project photos of their collages onto their bodies. It was interesting to see their sullen expressions gradually evaporate and the awkward stances be replaced by boys that were smiling, laughing and joining in. I photographed this stage as well which allowed us to make a stunning visual record of the students becoming one with their art. The resulting images are on display at the home of the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

In 2014 I was commissioned to return to the same school with GB Sledge Hockey paralympian Mark Briggs.  Mark brought with him some replica sledges that could be used by students in the sports hall, as well as bringing ice sledges to look at and GB kit to dress up in. I then spent time with students printing, drawing, sound, photo and video editing, and creating stop-frame animation. The video was exhibited alongside some of their 2D images at Spirit in Motion, part of the Sochi Winter Paralympic Flame lighting celebrations held in Buckinghamshire; the birthplace of the paralympics. It was also screened at the Together Film Festival.