Close-up photo of a single rice krispie laying on a grey carpet. Two black hairs frame the krispie.

A Lone Rice Krispie, Cleaner Required! 2012

I like to explore a range of processes in my work, from digital to the more traditional. I am usually led by the theme of the work and finding the best way of conveying the points I want to make or the questions I want to ask. Digital images, animation, sound and film are easily accessible and are quick to share. I enjoy having the ability to manipulate and control; to create illusion and drama and yet at the same time, the format also allows the capturing of honest, naked moments.

I also feel the need to take a breath from the faster pace of modern technology and ground myself in more traditional, organic processes. I enjoy the physicality of moulding and forming, building and shaping. Whether it’s making paper, upholstering furniture, constructing Withy sculptures, painting or land art, there is huge satisfaction in being able to use materials that are malleable and processes that are sensorial. It can be a whole-body experience for me and often the process itself is as important as the final piece.


A World Beneath My Feet  2014

Photo of a small cardboard box labelled Job Centre Plus, Department for Work and Pensions. A white human figure sculpted from clay is pushing the lid of the box off. It's leg, arm and head protrude from the top of the box.

The Sorting Office 2012

Photo of an abandoned bicycle half submerged in silt and river water. Seaweed and slime have grown around the frame.

The School Run


Frame from the video Disabled My Arse!. A woman with her eyes closed is centre-frame. The caption I Wanna Tell You is written across the bottom.

Disabled My Arse!

Photo of a boy's arms and torso. Abstract painting and an East Berlin traffic light have been projected on him.

Projections 2012