Photograph: A woman stands naked, her back to the camera. On to her skin a photo of a newborn baby has been projected.

‘New Life’

Photo of a by, arms raised as if victorious. Abstract painting has been projected across his body and the wall behind. A white ring of paint is projected across his heart.

‘Lord of the Flies’

I like to project my photographs and paintings onto walls so they fill the room and I am immersed within them (especially on the days I can’t get out the house because of pain and fatigue). This came after an afternoon of projecting my photos and paintings onto friends and family. The image ‘Berlin in my Veins’ was selected to tour as part of The Tight Modern in 2012. As a result, I was commissioned by Driving Inspiration to do a similar project with students allowing them to become immersed within their artwork. The resulting images are on display at the home of the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Photo of a boy's arms and torso. Abstract painting and an East Berlin traffic light have been projected on him.

‘Berlin in my Veins’