This wallpaper is quite spectacular! A very dark blue dominates, forming the backdrop to large curls of silver, haloed by yellow orbs of light. A simple pattern in large repeat. I’m having to look at this one a little longer though to see exactly what it is. The silver curls look as if they may be fabric. Yes, there are two curls, one inside the other and I do believe they may be curtains. Curtain and liner, yes, but taken from beneath and looking upwards. Ah, indeed, that is why the yellow light is visible. It’s on the ceiling! Whoever took this image did so laying on the floor. It’s certainly a different viewpoint than one would normally see. I guess there are many different ways of seeing the ordinary landscapes around us…but whether I’d think to put it on my wall or not is another matter.

Highly patterned wallpaper made of a repeating pattern in blue, silver and yellow.