This armchair, often described as a Tub Chair, feels good to touch. As I run my hand across it I can feel there is strength and tautness in this upholstery fabric. Each panel is fitted in a different fabric design and in keeping with the wallpapers, they too are highly patterned. I can follow the piping with my fingers outlining the different panels. The myriad of colours and the intricacy of these designs almost make me doubt that they too are formed of mess and dirt. However, sitting here within the chair, I can make out some of the individual items within. Under my right arm, for example this rather ornate fabric initially reminds me of exotic flowers, petals opening, orchids perhaps? But then I notice a recurring blue, rectangular shape and the words Freezer Paper written along it. There’s a tube marked Glue, a rubber-tipped pencil, a reel of lilac cotton. Clearly, this chair has not escaped the piles of domestic debris that seem to have invaded this house. Does the owner of this house really like to sit in their own mess like this?

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