Cleaner required! is a response to the disempowerment Kristina feels when pain and tiredness stop her from doing simple things like tidying-up.

“Laid-up on my sofa, I became increasingly frustrated by seeing the housework mount-up around me. I felt the need to record it; the feeling that dirt and debris were becoming larger than life and taking over the room.”

The stop-frame animation was commissioned by Full Circle Arts who sought digital artwork that could be housed on their website and be accessible to everyone.
The soundscape was created by musician Simon Wood and is composed from sounds collected around the house.

You can also watch an audio version here Cleaner Required! by Kristina Veasey.

Kristina says:
I really enjoyed researching and developing the audio-description and the captions, which were quite a challenge to make work for both hearing and deaf viewers. I learned a lot through this piece of work and thoroughly enjoyed the process. The animation was also screened at Daisy Fest where I was invited to speak on a panel about making film accessible, and at the Together Festival and Liberty Festival.

Cleaner Required!
Cleaner Required! Final Postcard.

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