Which area of the installation you would like to visit first? You can explore by room here, or pick from the show’s highlights further below.


Photo of rotary telephone with highly patterned wallpaper behind and highly patterned tablecloth beneath.

Enter the hallway where you will find dirty ‘phone calls, private mail and dirty books alongside the a series of patterns inspired and generated directly from Krissie’s dirty secrets.

Join us!

Dining Area

This area of the experience allows you to explore the dining table and chairs and take a peek at the kitchen sink!

Tuck in


Here in the lounge you can view images and listen to or read descriptions of the pieces of work.

Relax and explore

Or, head straight to highlights from My Dirty Secret, Virtual Experience

Through the Backdoor
An audio-visual tour around the My Dirty Secret! installation. It has captions and BSL interpretation.
This light truly glows with its bright yellows and oranges and that's before its even been …
Coffee Table
The pattern shows flecks of bright red, orange and white. They are repeating, but it is …
This armchair, often described as a Tub Chair, feels good to touch. As I run my …
A stunning turmeric-yellow, mottled with areas of orange and brown. Bands of white interspersed with silver …
This wallpaper is quite spectacular! A very dark blue dominates, forming the backdrop to large curls …
There’s more to Life
There's More to Life is a captioned soundscape where people share their views on domestic mess …
Chuck it all out!
Watch a captioned soundscape where people share their views on domestic mess and dirt.
Lounge Rug
This rug is patterned in a repeating motif. It is a photograph that has been mirrored …
This wallpaper has a 70's feel to it with all its oranges, reds and browns.Up close …
This wallpaper is a pattern of yellow circles, ringed with white, on a background of dark …
These curtains are made from a satin fabric and as a result the colours are rich …
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