Basketcase, the Unlimited R&D commission, in partnership with the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust, was in full flow when, before lockdown, the artist had a bad accident, meaning she was confined to bed for two months. 

“In literal terms, I was an artist immersed in parts of the forest, but I was still very much stuck in the domestic, in the indoors, in my bedroom, with the stark realities of a commode next to the bed and a bedside table full of medications. And I found myself just wishing I could be transported to the quiet and stillness of the forest. To be amongst nature, to feel the cool breeze across my skin, to hear the rustling of leaves in the canopy. I pictured myself laying back in my bed surrounded by trees and ferns and bathed in dappled sunlight. I thought how much easier it would be to see the forest if I could just magically transport myself, bed and all, up and away and into the forest. A real-life bedknobs and broomsticks moment!”

Kristina Veasey

If Only Beds Could Fly

Kristina Veasey’s film ‘If Only Beds Could Fly’

You can read an article about the film commission here:

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