Currently under development

*bench name* is a culmination of Kristina’s exploration and observations. Its winding form mirrors that of new growth winding through the forest, of the wistful Wye and the savage Severn carving their journeys through the landscape, of the fighting spirit of the Foresters overcoming barriers and finding new paths. Viewed from different angles its form takes on different shapes, appearing to reach and wind through the surrounding landscape; a reminder that seeing things from a different angle can bring a whole new perspective, offering new routes forward. This sculpture offers visitors a place to rest, to observe, to peacefully contemplate, and to immerse themselves in the beauty and detail of the forest. It’s playful form will undoubtedly tempt children to climb and clamber on it, which is only fitting, as it has been designed to be enjoyed by a people for whom nothing is insurmountable! 

*bench name* will be formed from steam-bent Oak, and be supported on locally quarried stone blocks, a reference to the industries of the ancient Forest. Artist Kristina Veasey will fabricate her design with the guidance of steam-bender Charlie Whinney at the Charlie Whinney Studios. The sculpture has been funded by Unlimited in partnership with the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust, and co-funded by the Esmee Fairburn Foundation.

Images below show the same bench model from different angles

bench model side perspective
bench model alternative perspective
bench model end view
bench model lengthways
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