This week is week 7 of the ITV Creates project which shows a different artist at the helm of the ITV weekly ident creation.

This week is my turn as resident artist. The creation of the domestic installation you will see broadcast throughout 11th-17th Feb, brings the colour and vibrancy of exciting TV combined with the intimacy and cosiness of curling up to watch your favourite programmes. I have deconstructed the ITV logo, added colour and mirrored the images.

These patterns have then been printed onto wallpaper and fabrics which I have used to upholster the chair and rug and create the sitting room scene.

This work is not dissimilar to my previous funded commission, My Dirty Secret! which was an equally colourful and psychedelic domestic installation with patterns made from images of household mess and dirt.

Working on this commission was both exciting (I had to keep it under wraps for months) and really enjoyable. The filming and production team and curator, Charlie Levine, were all so accommodating. It took a long time to install and film, but I’m really pleased with the final result.

Hopefully it will lead to more opportunities in the future. Everyone should have at least one bonkers item of decor in their living room!

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