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My Dirty Secret!

Do you flirt with your dirt, or lust for your dust? My Dirty Secret! is an experiential piece commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work […]

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Driving Inspiration

Kristina Veasey is a two-time Paralympian having competed in the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, representing Team GB in wheelchair basketball. Occasionally […]


The School Run

After 8 years of making a daily commute to and from her children’s school, Kristina reflected on the diverse landscapes she travelled through, and how they changed with passing seasons. Her journey took her along an unspoiled seafront, through an industrial port, winding down country lanes and tracing the edges of the South Downs, finally emerging into a historic County town.

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Beyond the Torch Run

Beyond the Torch Run was a community arts engagement project; bringing together art and the spirit of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. […]

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Walk the Line

Kristina taught a stopframe animation skills to young people in the Pathways group as they explored the concept of Line.

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Cleaner Required!

Cleaner required! is a response to the disempowerment Kristina feels when pain and tiredness stop her from doing simple things like tidying-up.


A World Beneath My Feet

“I often use a wheelchair, and when walking I need to pay attention to every step I make so I don’t come a cropper. As a consequence I spend a great deal of time looking down. I notice all the uneven ground, the different surfaces, the chewing gum and fag butts. I notice if your dog left a poop (even if you didn’t!)….


The Sorting Office

This is where you will be defined, assigned, and often maligned (a persistent glitch in ‘the system’, I’m afraid).
Here you will be continuously assessed, and packaged into quantifiable terms. You will be labelled, weighed up, and your value judged.

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History on Your Doorstep

This animation commission is part of History on Your Doorstep, an East Sussex Record Office project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. As part […]