This is a good time to ask me about housework because yesterday I had a rare day where I was actually doing some housework and today I can barely walk or move my limbs. Having said that I quite enjoyed it, partly because I don’t do it very often because I find it so hard. So, there’s a kind of liberating thing to doing it. But I end up suffering from it, so it’s quite a masochistic thing.

The reason I was tidying was because somebody was coming to stay at my house. I have a long-term discomfort, bordering on fear, about people coming to my house and it being judged. That’s mainly because when I was small, my sister had severe learning difficulties and my parents were doing this program for her which involved lots of people being in our house all the time and I used to have to fetch and carry for people, and lots of adults were making judgements on our family. So, it’s given me a lifelong fear of other people judging me and my house.

So, a bit of a nightmare when somebody comes to visit my house. Love to see people, but I have to make all sorts of excuses and I have to have the house looking as good as possible. Therefore, I will spend most of the weekend recovering from that, possibly in bed.

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