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The views of local people are being gathered and will be blasted out of a confetti cannon hidden within a basket made from forest branches. It will be a celebratory explosion of the resilience and solidarity that runs through the history, landscape and people of the forest.
The artwork will be shared online and in situ after risk of Covid19 has passed.

This call for participation is part of Basketcase, a research and development commission from Unlimited, in Partnership with The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust.

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3 thoughts on “Living in the Forest of Dean?

  1. The Forest of Dean used to be a great place to live prior to the Forestry Commission, now Forestry England, gradually turning it into a woodland based theme park.

    It’s now plagued by vehicles parked on roadside verges, mountain bikers, freeloading camper vanners unwilling to pay for a pitch on an official camp site, leaving tons of litter and human excrement.

    Picnic sites left like battle grounds by ignorant idle visitors, litter, damage, portable barbecues left burning.

    The central forest is almost a no-go area on most weekends.

  2. I go out for a walk and all the worries melt away, I listen to the birds and buzz of insects, I meet dog walkers, and I meet young families, and by the time I get home I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

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