Last month brought an amazing opportunity to share My Dirty Secret! at the Southbank’s Unlimited Festival.

My Dirty Secret! was making its third outing (previous shows were at DC1 Gallery in Eastbourne and Apthorp Gallery at Artsdepot in North Finchley) and I was proud to exhibit alongside other fabulous disabled artists in such an esteemed venue. Thanks go to Unlimited and Spirit of 2012 for commissioning, supporting and funding the work, and to Southbank for programming it in their festival.

As usual, the most exciting part for me is watching people in the space, interacting with the work; seeing people laugh, cry and talk animatedly about their own experiences and how the work resonates with them. It’s what it’s all about!

With My Dirty Secret! I have shared some of my own stories, but also the stories of others. In particular, the ‘Dirty phone calls’ that visitors could listen in to or read in the ‘private mail’, really brought the piece to life. It allowed a connection with people of different generations, cultures and life experiences. This blog is really a thank you to all of those people; those who participated by sharing their (sometimes very personal) stories either as part of the artwork itself or in conversation with me in the installation. Whether you’re clean, dirty, messy or tidy, your stories and responses have helped to make My Dirty Secret! an engaging piece and made my experience in developing and sharing it, a real pleasure. Thank you!

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