Sometimes there is so much mess I can’t even decide where to start photographing. Admittedly my daughter has a box-room and struggles for space before she’s started but based on past experiences I know that no matter how big her room is she will still manage to successfully fill it to bursting point. Clothes, books, sunglasses, college work, bits and bobs, you name it! It’s all there, on every surface and every floor space.

Bedroom floor

To avoid the oppressive mess-monster that threatens to leap out and overwhelm me as I pass by, I close the door. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s not a job that can be tackled quickly. It requires energy, time and a determined state of mind; things that I don’t have on tap. I weigh up my pain-levels and energy reserves. Is it more efficient to do small, cosmetic chores; keep things ticking over?

I decide to save the big boy for another day.

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