Don’t you just love that feeling when you slide open a patio-door? The smoothness of it, the silence. It’s like a hot knife through butter; very satisfying.

Door runners

I believe our door did run like that, once upon a time. I can’t be sure though. That scratchy, grating noise has certainly been there for a long time. It doesn’t fully open either. It gets stuck half way and you have to sort of lift it and jiggle it at the same time. It’s not something I have the strength to do any more. I can see grit and fluff in the runners, but they sit too deep for the vacuum to suck out. I once tried to brush all the detritus to one end with a thin paintbrush, but it made little odds.

We mostly keep the door closed now; a sofa shields one side, a child’s bike and some busking equipment leaning against the glass on the other. It looks ok; no one else can see the build-up of dirt in the runners. Unless I peer over, I can’t see it either and that’s fine by me.

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